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John Stagg

Fusion Bows

A novel idea that will help preserve the threatened stocks of Pernambuco wood and may keep the Craft alive in the future.

Over the last three years, John Stagg has invented, developed and Patented a new "fusion" bow which combines the traditional Pernambuco stick (and consequently its desirable tonal qualities) with small specially shaped carbon-fibre inserts for added stiffness and improved playing qualities. By way of illustration, using the popular "Lucchi" test, the reading of a typical bow was improved by well over 1000 points after reinforcement!

John intends to produce a small number of these every year himself, but they will also be mass-produced under exclusive licence by just two of the best commercial bow manufacturers in the world , look out for them.

Apart from their own considerable appeal, these bows, with their fusion of old and new technology, will also make a positive contribution to the serious problem that faces bowmaking world-wide , that of the near-critical levels of Pernambuco stocks, both in the form of the living tree and as cut timber for commercial use. With the advent of this invention, the previously unavoidably high levels of wastage of this precious resource can be reduced by some 50% virtually overnight, with the result that existing stocks of Pernambuco wood will now last nearly twice as long.

The "fusion" bow development/idea also makes entirely possible the prospect of making good quality bows from alternative (sustainable) species of timber - a situation which may become unavoidable if we are to prevent the likelihood of Pernambuco being driven to the point of extinction by the current unsustainable levels of commercial exploitation.

It is very important that everyone connected with the trade in bows, from timber dealers, manufacturers, makers and retailers through to musicians themselves, should be aware of their responsibility of being environmentally aware when buying, working or using Pernambuco wood.

To this end, the IPCI (International Pernambuco Conservation Initiative) has been formed within the trade and is already working hard on several fronts not only to safeguard and preserve current living stocks but also to promote sustainable increases by supporting planting and irrigation schemes and funding botanical research.

John strongly suggests that you only do business with bona-fide members and supporters of the IPCI.

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